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My editor crashes when I make a copy command in Particle Tree View.

The only different of my good working colleague's pc with mine is Windows 7 and Windows 10 (I guess).

When I command copy on script editor text field. It works well.

Please fix my problem

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Hello guys. I just figure out when this is happen.

In my case, editor crashes after copying some left pane object while I'm running Notepad++.

I'm using some plugins for the application, and my guess is some plugins hooking clipboard event from other applications too.

I don't know why and what exactly cause the problem. but I'm pretty suspicious with MultiClipboard plugin for notepad++.

If you're also using apps like. these why don't  you shutting down them and try again?
by gmlaud0209 (850 points)
Hi, thank you for spotting this !
Installing this extension on Notepad++ allowed us to reproduce the crashes, indeed as soon as Ctrl+C is hit in the popcorn editor, while Nodepad++ runs, the editor crashes.
We will patch it in v1.13.4

Thanks !
The latest 1.13.4 build is available here: https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/PK-Editor_v1.13

It should fix the issue (tested with the nodepad++ plugin you mentioned)
Actually, I'm currently using v1.10 because of our product fit with this version. So It's gonna take time to upgrade my editor version.
But I'm glad to hear that you've solved the issue and my help was taking part of that.
At this moment, I'm not suffering anymore from this problem cause my solution doesn't limit my working environment so much.
Anyway thank you for your service.
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Please, could you explain us more precisely how and when your editor crashes ?
Wich files are you clicking on ? What did you do just before ?
What are you tempting to copy and where ?

by Maxime (5.4k points)
Hello, I've solved my problem. the problem disapears when v1.10 editor.
The problem occurs when v1.08.x