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Is it possible to sample a texture3D or a render texture with depth in PopcornFX?  I am currently using render textures to compute a fluid simulation in real time.  Instead of rendering the fluid with a shader, I've been controlling a GPU particle system with the velocity texture from the fluid simulation.  This video makes it a little clearer.  Is there a way to control the particle velocities using a velocity texture in a similar manner in PopcornFX? 

I would really like to upgrade to a better particle system, but since this is the only use case for me, it's a deal breaker if it's not possible.  I took a look at the documentation and messed around with the editor a bit, but I don't see a way of sampling a 3d texture as of now.

by smn (120 points)

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Hi Smn!

Unfortunately 3d textures in PopcornFX are not implemented actually, and it's not planned to be in the near future. A possible workaround is to use multiples 2DTextures to simulate the third dimension.

We are actually working on a Houdini importer that can let you compute complex fluids simulation, and then use it as an input in PopcornFX.

Hope this helps!

by Romeo (2k points)

Thanks for getting back to me!  I tried messing around with slicing up the 3D texture into separate 2D textures with out much success.  I'll have to check out the Houdini importer when it comes around, maybe I can make that work.  Is the importer something to implement in the future, or something already in the pipeline?
The importer is actually a proof of concept, so it's not planned to be release before next year.
Also i forget, but a proper manner to use multiple 2DTextures is the atlas textures. For example, if you want a 64*64*64 texture, you can use a 8*8 atlas of 64*64 textures.