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I made some modifications to the original Fan_ColumnLightning and noticed it was crashing Unity fairly routinely during Play.  I thought I'd broken it so I baked out the original Fan_ColumnLightning and tried it in Unity - same results.  It works for a while but will eventually crash Unity every time.

Other Popcornfx systems are working fine and do not crash Unity - is there something WRONG with Fan_ColumLightning that causes it to crash Unity?  Another member on my team has same issue identically, we've narrowed this down to the one asset repeatedly and we'd like to know if there's a fix we can perform - something to change or remove from the script etc to prevent further crashes while still using some of the core visuals.
by conan_thanoz (500 points)

1 Answer

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What version of the plugin are you using and on which platform(s)?
Assuming it's 2.7/1.9.0, this might be a crash we've fixed. We're currently in the process of pushing an update to the asset store but if you have urgent needs, send us an email to support@popcornfx.com with your invoice number and we'll send you an updated package to see if it fixes your crash.
by Raphael (10.6k points)