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I have around 30 different particle effects exported to Unity and I've been looking at popcorn.htm and fixing all the errors.

I fixed most of them but some still remain. I would like an explanation as to what do these mean(And how to fix them):

"Cannot load null Texture"

"Drawer GeomBillboard 000000005FD8FE88: Could not setup the CPU billboarder"

"Drawer GeomBillboard 000000005FD8FE88: Could not setup any billboarder (rbmode 0)"

"Socket: Disconnected..."
asked by Zheljka (720 points)

1 Answer

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This means that you have a billboard renderer without diffuse texture in one of your effects.

This should not cause any problem, except the fact that this billboard renderer will not appear in your scene.

Hope this helps.
answered by Paul (7.9k points)
Is there a way to know to which particle effect it relates to?
You should have the name of the concerned .pkfx some lines above the error in the log file, otherwise you can look at the files that are loaded just before and after this error, that can help you get an idea from where this might come from.