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Hi there. I am trying to evaluate Popcorn FX for use by our company and one of the thing we need to be able to do is use mesh particles.

I seem to be able to use billboards fine but when I change my renderer to be a mesh, I don't see anything in the editor. I get an error message saying that the "size" parameter in the script is unresolved. I removed this from the script so that I am not getting the error but it didn't seem to help.

The funny thing is that on the debug info I can see that the layer is spawning the particles, I just can't see them.

I am using meshes from the sample packs so I assume they should be fine in terms of the FBX format.

Another thing is that if I load sample effects with meshes in them, I can't see them either. This also goes for the backdrop layers as they won't display any of the room or flat plane meshes.

It looks to me like some kind of mesh rendering issue. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am using Editor version 1.9

Many thanks for any help.

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Hi Adonis,

I'm not shure but it seems that you should rebuild from fbx your meshes in the mesh editor (Content Browser -> Meshes -> [The mesh you want to sample] -> Build Assets From FBX)

Let me know if your issue is solved or not.


by ohmatheus (5.4k points)
That works! Thanks for your help!