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So in the popcornfx editor it seems that it renders each mesh separately when applied to a shape, considering each shape can be moved and placed individually even if it's referencing the same mesh. However, it seems that Unity never ends up rendering the mesh itself as popcornfx simply refers to the files it baked down. I have a mesh that's about 100k poly's as a hero mesh which will also be used as a reference mesh for a projection evolver. Furthermore, there will be a number of effects throughout the mesh, but will all pretty much be doing the same thing and will need to reference said hero mesh.

My question is, which is cheaper for Unity's system to run? Should I break up the mesh into the sections that only pertain to each effect's location, or can I get away with having the mesh just as its current 100k self and applying it to a shape in each effect? Or would I be better off just optimizing the 100k mesh while keeping it whole and using that?

It is worth mentioning that I have had success prior to the second option of just plopping in the 100k mesh into the different effects with a prior project. The mesh in that one was about twice the size, one of those things where I was just prototyping but as development went on I didn't see or feel a reason to change/optimize the mesh since most everything ran just fine in Unity.

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There should be no big difference performance wide between a big one and a bunch of small ones so I'd say :

"optimizing the 100k mesh while keeping it whole" is the best option you have here.

Hope it helps.


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