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I have multiple camera's in my scene

Fixed position background camera creates a star field (popcornfx), the particles move according to the speed of the ship.  Up to now this camera has handled all the special effects.  It is time to begin working with the actual ship models and the position of the camera.

Target Camera - this camera position moves in and out based on the situation.  I don't want to change the background camera, how do I create the effects on this new camera - layers don't work, what else can I do to attack this feature?
by David (150 points)

1 Answer

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Hello David,

Are you trying to create different effect layer on different cameras ? (Like an "effect1" showed only on camera1, and "effect2" showed only on camera2 ?)

If your problem is that you only see all your effects on the first camera you have created, but not on the others cameras, it is possible that you may have forgotten to add a "PKFx Rendering Plugin" to your others cameras.


by Maxime (5.4k points)