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I've been watching this video but it seems to be a slightly older than the current version and I can't figure out how to do it in the newer version.


I have the mesh (using popman) loaded in the editor but I cant seem to get it to animate at all.
by feanix (1.2k points)

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Figured it out.

You need to add a backdrop 3D object to your tree. Then set the resource model and the animation. You will then see the model in your viewport animating. Then set the skelmesh editor binding to the backdrop object.

by feanix (1.2k points)
Hi !
you beat me to it :)
yes, that video is from an old version. we should remove those, they've become useless.

The "proper" animated backdrop feature was introduced in v1.7.0 of the editor, and you can see it highlighted in this release highlights video (along with some other stuff) https://youtu.be/l-lBEQ8hyhI?t=9