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So I got this error after opening up the popcornfx editor and attempting to open my particle effect:


(wouldn't let me paste the image)

I've no idea what caused it as it's just popping up out of the blue after today's initial opening of popcornfx, and was working just fine yesterday.

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  • which editor version are you using ?
  • can you try opening the .pkfx file in a text editor, is there stuff in there ?
  • if it's not empty, please send it over to "support at popcornfx dot com" so we can take a look
  • if it is empty, can you remember the last actions you did with it ?


by Julien (32.9k points)
- due to compatibility issues we were having with Unity.
-I opened it in a .txt editor and it came up empty
-Last thing I did was close it before shutting down my station. Before that saving and baking it out to unity. When I opened it this morning it did prompt a recovery but that just happens sometimes anyway even when I saved before closing.
This is an issue we've seen with some builds of 1.8 and has been fixed in 1.9.
Do you have your effects in source control?
If not, you can still recover your effect if:
- you still have the .pkfx.tmp recovery file the editor was prompting you about
- you have a baked version of that effect.

If the last thing you did was baking it, you should be able to get it back by copying the baked .pkfx in place of the source pkfx.
However, baked pkfx are stripped of editor-specific nodes, so any backdrops you had setup will be lost and you will have to re-setup them again.

if you have the .tmp it'll be better, as it's a straight copy of the original file, so it contains all the editor-specific stuff, including backdrops.

Can you remember which compatibility issues you had with Unity? maybe they've been fixed since ?