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Unreal's material editor has a node that lets you inject values from Cascade particles into the material so that the particle can affect the material it's using (on a per particle basis). This is useful for driving values like lerps over the particles life or having random UV offsets. Does PopcornFX have something similar?

Here's an example:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrZpqjTSDTM
by feanix (1.2k points)

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Material Particle Nodes are not plugged yet.

That's definitely something we'll implemented, probably using Particle Rednerer's UserData, so you could send any Particle Field to any UE Material Particle Nodes (as long as types match).

There are already DynamicParameters xy taken for SoftAnimationBlending and AlphaRemapper, and Texcoord [0] and [1] (when SoftAnimationBlending).

But we will probably cleanup those to use particle nodes like SubUVs, or ParticleColor (currently we use VertexColor).


by Jordan (14.6k points)
Thanks for the answer Jordan. So, to be clear, there's no way for me to send a field's value to the material in UE4 in any way? Not even via a work around?
You could hack the existing material input:
But really not sure it will work properly.