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Sorry, I am asking a lot of questions lately but I have a problem since I put popcornfx 2.7 in our Unity project (using Unity 5.2.3f1).

First of all everything seems fine in the editor now, except for a "popcornfx development build" text at the bottom left of the screen. Can I remove that? It was not there before and we did pay for the plug-in.

And most importantly we have a crash on android at the start of the app. Popcorn doesn't actually make a new project crash but our project doesn't crash without popcorn so I am a bit lost.

Here is the logcat :



Thank you for your time!
by Valon (340 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Valon,

Concerning the watermark, if you bought both the Windows/MacOS/Linux plugin and the Android one, you can just copy paste the DLLs from the "Assets/Plugins/" directory of the Desktop version to your project Assets directory (replacing the ones already existing that have the watermark). See here

Concerning the crash, it seems like it comes from PopcornFx. If you could send us a sample Unity project to support@popcornfx.com so that we can take a look at it and check where this crash comes from.


by Paul (8k points)