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We are trying to update our popcornfx plugin (currently 2.5p1 build 1.8.2) to the last version on Windows but it is causing all kinds of big problems.

I did all of this: http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Troubleshooting_(Unity_Plugin)

I still have all of my attributes not recognized as well as some particule systems not showing up at all, whereas a few of them, mostly the simple ones without attributes or anything, work just fine.

The reason we are upgrading is because we were told the old popcorn was causing problem when building for iOS. Could someone confirm it?

Do you have any ideas about the thing that might cause our problems?


by valon (340 points)

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Hello Valon,

Seems like you have a version problem with your project.
Have you followed the "Safe Way to Upgrade" described here?

If so, can you check the graphical API used by Unity to render in the editor? The plugin does not work with the "OpenGL Core" API (OpenGL 4.x), so make sure it uses another one.

You should also make sure that all your effects are re-baked with the appropriate version of the editor (that matches the version of the plugin). So for the v2.7 of the plugin, you should bake your effects with the v1.9 of the editor (the latest version would be the best):

There were indeed some problems with the IOS plugin that are now fixed, and it is always a good thing to keep your plugin and your editor up to date to benefit from the latest features/optimizations.

Hope this helps,


by paulbaron7993 (7.9k points)
Hello Paul,

I did follow the safe way to upgrade. I also did the re-bake with the 1.9.3 version and it does bake them in the right folder, but I get an HBO error :

Error : [ KR_BASE_OBJECT ] Failed parsing HBO field "EditorScript"...

It does bake tho.

I tried with both Unity 5.1.3f1 and Unity 5.3 and I get the same results.

Have you used the automatic project updater?
What is the graphical API used by Unity? It should be in the name of the Unity editor window.

Concerning the error you are getting, in principle it should not cause any problem, but it would be great if you could send us your FXs at this address so that we can check if they are corrupted:
support _at_ popcornfx _dot_ com

Yes I did use the updater and the graphical API is DX11.

I am trying a few things ad if I still can't figure it out I'll send you some of our particules.

I now feel like it's actually only the attributes that are not working at all. I tried another scene and I have all the particules but all the flux and whatnot are broken.

Thank you for the help.