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Mesh modeled in Modo is correct and is behaving correctly.

When imported into PopcornFX, it looks ok, both in mesh view and particle editor.

If the same mesh is directly imported into Unity it also looks ok.

BUT, if the mesh is a particle in an effect and that effect is baked, it's normals are flipped when baked into Unity.

This only occurs with PopcornFX Settings> Before Image Effect.

Windows 10 64bit, PopcornFX 1.9.2, updated to 1.9.3. still same problem.
by Zheljka (720 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Zheljka,

I guess you are talking about the normals that you retrieve in a custom shader.

From what I have tested, the normals are perfectly fine in Unity, wether I use "Before Image Effect" or "Before Image Effect Opaque" (At least with DirectX9 - DirectX11):

Did you make sure your PopcornFx project has the same coordinate system as Unity (Axis_LeftHand_Y_Up)?
What is your custom shader doing exactly?
Do you have any Post FX activated?


by Paul (8k points)
Popcorn project is set  for Unity (Axis_LeftHand_Y_Up).
I'm not using a custom shader, it's just "Solid" in PopcornFX Editor.
Post FX activated in Unity:  Vignette, Bloom,SSAO, DoF, Color Balance.
PkFx Rendering Plugin has "Has Post Fx" checked.

Preview: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8mdG_h56p1GR1NYNjN4WTE4OTA
1 - Before Image Effects
2 - Before Image Effects Opaque

I did manage to reproduce this bug and it seems like this has nothing to do with normals but is still a broken depth problem due to the Post Fxs.
I have found a workaround that should work for this issue. This is just a first version of the trick and there might be better/more optimized ways of doing this, but it should work (try the generic solution):


Hope this will definitely solve your problems!