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How can I sort image behind popcornfx?

And effect Fan_BigCastMedusa in package v1.7.2 can not display in uinty.

How can I fix it?

by teexiii (120 points)

1 Answer

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Concerning the draw order of the particles, you can create a new camera that will render the particles on top of the UI:

The effect Fan_BigCastMedusa is an old effect and produces error when you import it in the newest versions of the editor, but should still work in the editor and in Unity (from what I have tested, I couldn't find any problem).

Which version of the editor are you using? And which version of the plugin with which version of Unity and what platform/graphic API?

by Paul (8k points)

Thanks for reply, I can show effect with canvas now. But I still cant show effect Fan_BigCastMedusa in unity,

I use unity 5.3, Popcornfx plugin 2.6 and popcornfx editor 1.8, I work in ios platform
The PopcornFx Unity plugin does not work for the graphic API "metal" which is the default one used for IOS.
You can switch to use OpenGL ES in the player settings. (Edit -> Project Settings -> Player).

Hope this will solve your issue.