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Hello everybody.
Particles made with "PopcornFX" will have trouble not read in "Unreal Engine4".

Particle will have been created using the "SamplerShape".

It is possible to read as to "Shapetype" a "BOX",
Can not be read as to "Mesh".
"MeshResources" is a bone-in model that was output by FBX.

help me.


· PopcornFX Plugin: 0.5.7
· PopcornFX: 1.8.4
· UnrealEngine: 4.9.2


※ This article uses the Google translation.
  I'm sorry in strange English.


"BOX" can read but "Mesh" can not be read.



PopcornFX is the editor screen. Do you have any doubt?


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From what I can understand, it seems that you are trying to spawn particles on your shape.
Is your mesh fbx a static mesh or an animated (skinned) mesh ?

Static mesh:

The PopcornFX plugin for UE4 should definitely handle static mesh sampling. If you cannot see particles spawning on your mesh, make sure it was imported in UE4 and its mesh data were generated, see this wiki page.

Skeletal mesh:

The Pk-Editor allows skeletal mesh sampling preview, but it is up to the integration plugin (UE4/Unity/...) to handle skeletal mesh sampling through Attribute samplers.

The idea is to "override" default attribute values that were setup in the Pk-Editor.
Skeletal mesh attribute samplers aren't fully implemented. This is highly experimental and this isn't something we would recommend to do, yet.


by seedmanj (17.2k points)
Hello Hugo, thank you answer!

I use the Skeletal mesh.
Since the understanding of English is not enough, it might be wrong,
I'll try "PopcornFX Attribute Sampler Actor".

Thanks again,

※ This article uses the Google translation.
  I'm sorry in strange English.