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Bug perhaps? Evolver script works as expected.

For example following in spawn script:

function void    Eval() { Size = mySizeAttribute; }

does not work correctly. While in evolver script it works. Where we can report bugs?



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This should definitely work.

How is the event triggered ?
Are you using the latest version? 1.8.1 ?
Can you try with 1.8.2 ?

If it still does not work, you can send us your effect to support _at_ popcornfx.com so that we might investigate what's happening.

Thanks !

by jbilalte (33.7k points)
Looking at:

Can't find 1.8.2 only 1.8.1.
yeah 1.8.2 isn't officially released yet, it's still a preview build.
you can get it here on the 1.8 release notes page: http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/PK-Editor_v1.8_released
Okay, indeed there's an issue here. It'll be fixed in the final v1.8.2
To work around the problem while we fix it, you can check the 'EnableSpawnerIDs' property in the layer that triggers the event.
Argh you were faster. I just tried to update to latest editor / unity (evaluation version) asset. They have different versions so now I am stuck with incompatible combo. Unless I switch back. But I rather go with newer version anyway so if you have version matching download for either asset or editor, much appreciated. Here are the versions:

PopcornFX Editor:
Unity asset: 2.5-Free and runtime version
There should be no compatibility issues there, you can use any 1.8.* version of the editor with any 1.8.* version of the plugin.