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As the title says: If I would target Windows 10 UWP in Unity, and let's say I chose the desktop family as the UWP target, would PopcornFX work? And might it even run on the XBox One as part of a UWP app?

I know that you don't provide specific support for the XBox as a unique platform, but was wondering if this is a technical limitation (different APIs etc) or a licensing issue.

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Well, we aren't well aware of the implication of targeting UWP, at first sight it seems to only limit some native code calls, but can still run with the same PopcornFX binaries. We will need to be careful with Unity, because plugin integration differs a lot between platforms.

The thing is, we are currently struggling to get PopcornFX properly integrated in Unity on PS4, then maybe XBoxOne. Only then we'll see about UWP.
by Jordan (14.6k points)