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I am currently working on a fireball FX.  It drops lava as it travels and I need to make it collide with static meshes in Unity.

What I have so far is a particle with CParticleEvolver_Collision (works fine on a shape in popcorn FX), in Unity I have a Cube (for the ground), I added the PK Fx Scene Mesh Builder and added the cube, and then on the camera setting made sure use Scene Mesh was on and the Scene Mesh Pk was correct.  What am I missing?  I feel like it's an issue with the Collision Evolver in Popcorn.

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Did you actually build the mesh from the Scene Mesh Builder's inspector view? There's a "Build meshes" button there, you can check it goes well in the console.

The path from the Scene Mesh Builder should match that of the Rendering Plugin, too. When you play your scene, check the console for a "[PKFX] Scene Mesh loaded" log or an error.
by Raphael (10.6k points)
I did build it and they are using the same.  On the CParticleEvolver_Collisions what should the Collider be set to?
It depends.
If you have a physics evolver on that layer, you only need to set the "WorldInteractionMode" to "OneWay" in the physics evolver and get rid of the collision evolver.

If you don't have one for some reason, you need to leave the collider evolver's "collider" field empty, otherwise your particles will collide only with the shape set here.
Awesome, that was the issue.  I still had the test collision object.