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I saw some previous inquiries regarding the original PopcornFX and was wondering if particle pre-roll is being explored for PFX2? I didn't notice anything in the documentation. I could've missed something.

Thanks in advance,

by ryan.gillespie (300 points)

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Hi Ryan,

Yes that's in the backlog.

Since v2.2 you can already use the 'SeekToTargetTime' function in pt_helpers.h to preroll your entire level at load time after having instantiated all the effects. It's not mentioned in the SDK documentation because it has a couple limitations and there's still some work needed on it.

This also isn't ideal as it's not a per-effect preroll, so you won't be able to use it for a newly instantiated effect after the sim has been running for a while.

The per-instance control is coming, but I can't really say when, it's not scheduled in v2.4 (january), so it could be 2.5 for GDC.

If that's critical to you, poke us on your private support tracker or by email at support and we can discuss it.

by Julien (35.2k points)
Hey Julien,

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. The per instance preroll feature is not critical at this time. I'm just researching and attempting to find features I've used in the past.

Thank you,