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I installed this in hopes that I can set up custom particle, then output to an 2D image(s). I tried baking one of the tutorial particles but nothing happens. It seems like a very powerful program, likely that I can have image outputs or even directly into atlas image but I just don't understand the output formats or where to set this up. I'm trying to mod a game which uses atlas image for it's particles. It is not unreal or unity. Unclear if those plugins will help me or not because no details.

The tutorials seem good for getting particle set up but they jump right into making and adjusting nodes. So it looks great in preview and then what? I feel very lost in the actual workflow application of this program.
by automcd (120 points)

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When you "bake" the effect from the editor, it doesn't render it out to a spritesheet, it optimizes and packages to make it suitable for realtime playback in a game engine. Some plugins handle the baking step internally and do not require an explicit bake from the editor, such as the UE4 plugin.

In version 1 of popcorn we had a feature that could spit-out rendered frames from the editor, but that's not available for version 2 yet. And it wasn't very well suited to generate spritesheets either.

So the actual workflow is:

  • Create your effects in the popcorn editor
  • Play them back in a game engine that has a PopcornFX plugin

It uses a different simulation system than Unity's shuriken | VFX graph, or Unreal's cascade | niagara, that's why you need a plugin to play them.

It is not really designed for offline renders

by Julien (35.2k points)