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Setting up a new project and wanted to try Unity 2019.2.3 however a quick test of importing the PKFx plugin throws an error in PKFxImporter.cs - AssetImportContext does not contain a definition for 'SetMainAsset'... In looking at the Unity docs it looks like SetMainAsset is deprecated. I'm guessing this is already a known issue, but the page on the asset store claims support for Unity 2017.4 and higher. Haven't been able to find any other info online, so I'm hoping someone here might know about a workaround or maybe an ETA on Unity 2019 support?
by Jeff_MES (120 points)

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Just add a UNITY_2019 to the define list above :

#if UNITY_2017_3 || UNITY_2017_4 || UNITY_2018 || UNITY_2019
  ctx.AddObjectToAsset(fileName, fxa, thumb);
  ctx.SetMainAsset(fileName, fxa, thumb);

This should do the trick.
If you still got issues, we got a new version of the plugin available compatible with Unity 2019.2, Send an email to support@popcornfx.com to resquest it.

by vmartin (780 points)