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I have a particle effect where I would like an infinite particle. I have tried this in many ways:

1) Setting the Life to Infinity at spawn

2) Setting the Life to a constant (12) every frame

3) Making the emitter infinite in PopcornFX Editor and emitting another particle in the place of the original particle.

However, regardless of what I do, the spawned particle is immediately destroyed. In fact, even if I do NONE of these steps, and simply set Age to a constant, the particle is immediately  destroyed. It works in the editor.

Do you know what might be happening?

by gbernal (340 points)

Can you send us your FX at support at popcornfx dot com ?

This all seem very strange.

At spawn time, Life = infinity; will make the particle infinite, the only way to kill it will be to either do kill(someTrueCondition); at evolve or clearing the particle scene.

How do you consider those particles are dead ?

If you just don't see the particles, you can click the PopcornFX Scene actor and select to debug bboxes, maybe they are close to the world's origin if you set Position manually at evolve without using a localspace evolver.

Let us know :)

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Marking this question as resolved, issue was:

Position assigned in worldspace, which led to the confusion.
by HugoPKFX (17.5k points)