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Hi All,

So I am struggling to get the Unreal engine 4 plugin to work properly.
Currently, I have reinstalled Visual Studios 2015 and the plugin to see if it works.

I have followed the instructions that was given to another person, http://answers.popcornfx.com/1599/ue4-project-fails-to-build and installed the SDK into the plugin that was instructed in both your WIKI tutorial and your Youtube video.

After compiling the project which is asking for me to rebuild the following:


I have trying to days to figure out what I am missing.  Looking at both unreal engine forums and this as well.  Any help in fixing this would be greatly appreciated.
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sorry to hear that you have been strugling with this,
so I'm wondering did you try to right click on the .uproject file of your project, and hit "Generate Visual studio project files" ? And after that just build your project inside visual studio (or just double click on the uproject file to open in UE4, it'll compile everything after you hit the "yes" button).
Yes, I did generate Visual Studio Project Files.  Doubly some points to really makes sure.
Are you building with the repository, if so what branch are you on ?
If not, that means you downloaded the plugin archive from one of the release pages ?

The main difference between the two is that the plugin archive already contains the PopcornFX SDK libraries and should just need a generate project files + launch of the project, while if you build by cloning the repository you'll need to copy/paste the PopcornFX_Runtime_SDK manually.
Apologies for the delay, Been busy last couple of days.  Also I am partially unsure to what you are trying to tell me.  I kind of understand so I'll try to answer the best way I can with regards to your question.

We were orriginally working on the plugin archive that didn't have the SDK library installed into it.  That was after constantly trying for a day or so.  I then learnt about the other location via github that had the SDK included into the folder and was trying that way, but the generating of the project files -> UE4Editor-PopcornFXeditor.dll wasn't being generated which was annoying.  The other two project files was easily created via this process as well.

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I have figured it out and it is now working.  The SDK version works on 4.14 which was the only one i didn't try it on.

Many thanks for you help.

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