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While working in the Editor,

I was try trying to make falling particles collide with a cylinder shape, but they just go through.

If I change the shape to any other (box, cone, sphere etc.) the collisions works.

Only the cylinder doesn't work.

Could you please fix it?

using: PopcornFX Editor 1.9.5 (Cause I use with Unity).
by zheljka (720 points)
Should work, we're looking into it.

1 Answer

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That's weird, we've just tested this and it does collide.

However, cylinders don't have caps (which is misleading because they're displayed with caps), so it only collides with the sides. Cones don't have a bottom cap either. Also, sides are one-sided, so it won't collide when going from the inside to the outside of the cylinder.

Can you make sure it collides with the sides? (needs nonzero height)

Caps or no caps is something we've been hesitant about in the past. perhaps we should just add a checkbox to control that.

by jbilalte (33.7k points)
You're right. It does collide only on the sides.
I would be more useful if it could collide on the caps to. A checkbox sounds like a good idea.
In the meantime, one thing you could do if you need to collide with a one-sided disk is to change the shape to a cone with zero height, and it'll collide with one side.

Use a shape collection with two cones to collide double-sided, and a collection with two cones and one cylinder to collide with a capped cylinder.
The cone with zero Height doesn't collide either.
I've made my own disk mesh in the end.
ah. damn, okay.