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I'm trying to use a particule with no renderer to spawn a trail of fire. The idea is to parent the fx to an object in unity and create a fire trail when the object is moving.

When my system is moving the fire follows it but the end of the trail remains attached to the center of the world (or point of origin) and keeps spawning the trail as if the spawner was still moving.

When I un-check the TransformTranslate in the localspace the EvolverSpawner just stops emitting. If I have no localspace at all the ElvolverSpawner doesn't emit particule either.

Fire attached to center of the world


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If I understand correctly, you'll just have to detach the 2 Spawners and made them children of the evolver as usual, but be shure to have the localspace evolver on the top of those 2 spawners.


Let me know if you have resolved your issue.


by ohmatheus (5.4k points)

Thank you for your answer. I tried to put my spawners as child of the localspace but the same thing happens. Instead of having a trail that dies when the system doesn't move, it creates a "chain" linking the system to the center of the world. Also, the particles keep spawning over each other as if the system was in constant motion.

Here is what it does when the system is still, then when I start to move it, and then what comes to happen every time.


When I give a velocity to my Layer_1, the trail works just fine. But I need it to follow the movements of a moving object in unity, that's why I'm trying to make it work only based on the movement of the spawn layer.

Could you please send us the package of your effect at  support@popcornfx.com ?
In the CParticleEvolver_Spawner fields, have tried to put the SpawnMetric at 'Time' and not 'Distance' ?